World of the Story

The events of ‘Bad Blood Born’ take place in a land of tragedy and high adventure—a surreal, horrific, spookily ancient shadow realm scholars call ‘The World Without A Name.’ This is a place where you shouldn’t wander off alone—a world where misfortune has a way of finding you and the very elements conspire toward your doom. This is a dark place where the rotten black heart of the meanest demon who ever lived is buried somewhere beneath the sands of time, infecting the world with a millenniums old virus, undying, contagious and corrupting. This is a place where the shadows speak to you and encourage your transgression. This is an expressionistic world that responds to emotional fluctuation with blinding hail-storms and bursts of blood-red fire…an evil world, a fallen world, where the despicable acts of monstrous personalities are rewarded. This is a world of brutality, greed, horror, genocide, love transcendent, arch-criminality, demented idealism and wars to end all wars. This is a world where all is not as it seems and the savior of the human race is born under an evil star…and mistaken for the antichrist.

Central Conflict

The central storyline of ‘Bad Blood Born’ concerns the ultra-violent struggle between the heroic villain, Jake Bloodstone, and the villainous hero, Zachary Killgore. Theirs is a rivalry old as human conflict, embittered by the clashing of every successive generation, and rendered irreconcilable by incalculable layers of grievance. It is a blood feud. Blinded by emotion, unwilling to share power, and haunted by the uniquely human neuroses that causes men to seek glory even unto self-destruction, the war of Zachary and Jake will scorch the heavens, poison the seas, and threaten to pitch the world forevermore into shadow and flame.

The action will build from their brutal training at the Killingworth Military Academy, to perilous demon-slaying missions, to the great civil war that divides the Empyre and brings the world to the brink of destruction.

About the Author

Dr. Spencer Striker is currently a professor of Digital Media at the American University in Dubai--studying, teaching, and producing digital media and technology in one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial cities of the 21st century. Dr. Striker is currently developing a tablet-first next gen interactive entertainment experience, called the "World Without a Name," the first story of which is called "Bad Blood Born."

Spencer Striker PhD - Bad Blood Born Author
Spencer Striker PhD - Bad Blood Born Author